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Test HbA1c with our Fast, Easy and Reliable Point-of-Care System

HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System is a fast, easy and reliable point-of-care system for hemoglobin A1c tests. It is a fully automated HbA1c POC test that provides reliable results straight away for efficient diabetes care.

HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System is not available in the US. For corresponding US product see www.hemocue.us.

Stop sending samples to labs and waiting for results

Having to send blood samples to the lab and wait for the results to come back can be very frustrating. Not only is it time-consuming, it also delays the treatment of the diabetes patients. As a medical professional, you should be able to carry out tests fast and easy at the point of care, and provide your patients with reliable result straight away.

An automated system for HbA1c testing

HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System is a fully automated point-of-care system for testing HbA1c. Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is a glycated form of Hb that is tested primarily to identify the average amount of glucose (sugar) present in patients’ blood over the past three months. Blood sugar testing is an important part of the diabetes care and necessary for millions of diabetics.

Treat and follow up your patients fast and efficiently

Our HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System provides useful information for diabetes management. It targets primarily medical professionals who want to treat and follow up their diabetes patients fast and efficiently. As a medical professional, it helps you identify glucose levels and monitor the effect of diabetes medication as well as evaluate how well the overall treatment is working for your patients. Moreover, the system makes your entire work process easier and more efficient.

Advantages of using our point-of-care system

Our HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System brings many advantages into your work process. It provides a safe workflow for excellent patient care. Every step of the test is simplified to minimize human errors. Every element from size to the storing and handling of test cartridges is designed to be ideally suited for how you work. The system is easy to use, the tests are carried out quickly, and the results are exceptionally reliable. With our system, you will never have to doubt an answer at the point of care.

All-in-one kit to provide your patients with direct feedback

Our system is designed to be used with both capillary and venous blood. We provide you with an all-in-one kit so that you have everything you need, including individually packed test cartridges, to carry out the tests and provide your patients with direct feedback. It is also possible to connect our system to a barcode reader for patient ID as well operator ID to efficiently and safely store the patient’s tests and data.

Onscreen instructions simplify every step of the process

Testing HbA1c with our system includes only a few simple steps. But to make it as easy as possible for you to carry out the tests, we provide you with clear online instructions animated on the screen. They describe exactly how you should do so that you never have to feel insecure about performing the tests.

Room-temperature storage gives you less to think about

When using our system, the test cartridges don’t need to be refrigerated. The test cartridge is stable until the expiration date printed on the package when stored at 2 - 32°C. Do not freeze. You don’t have to worry about the number of test cartridges you will be using during the day or bringing them out of the fridge to be at room temperature. This gives you less to think about in order to perform the tests in the right way and get the correct results.

Certified according to IFCC and NGSP to ensure quality

The HemoCue® HbA1c 501 system is certified according to the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP). It ensures that our system has a measuring range of 20-130 mmol/mol (IFCC) or 4.0-14.0% (NGSP) to ensure the quality of the tests.

Get the right answers at the right time every time

In the end, the result of the test is what decides the treatment of your patient. The test must not vary from time-to-time, on the contrary, it needs to be accurate every single time.

When it comes to caring for people, we refuse to compromise, so that you never miss a beat in caring for your patients!

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