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Embrace health, unite to screen and treat anemia. We have the tools.

There are many challenges to health. Some are global to its nature whereas others are regional or local. Some are required to be detected and treated, others detected and monitored yet other may require prevention.  Some are spread between individuals others like diabetes belongs to the non-communicable diseases.

HemoCue can offer some tools, some solutions for you. Our core is detecting anemia. This, as you know can be a sign of multiple causes – but in combination with the patients story and your evaluation of the symptoms may guide into further actions. Anemia is important – it may have longstanding effects unless acted upon.

It is clear that an unconscious patient with diabetes can have either pathological insulin or blood glucose levels. Fast results are of importance. Accurate results are vital. HemoCue can offer these solutions for you. Uncontrolled diabetes may require the need to screen for and closely monitor sign of complications. It is much easier and is said to have more impact if these results are being discussed as soon as results are available.

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