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WBC DIFF - A Piece in Your Clinical Puzzle 

More often than not, blood tests must be sent to an external laboratory in the quest for a conclusive diagnosis. With HemoCue groundbreaking technology you get fast and lab-accurate results while your patient is still in the examination room. 

The result gives you an additional piece in the clinical puzzle and not only saves valuable time but also assists you in your clinical decision-making. Providing your patient with an answer and giving you peace of mind. 

One important piece in the clinical puzzle – Results in minutes from a drop of blood

WBC DIFF is an additional piece in the overall clinical puzzle. Together with your clinical experience, patient examination and test results you can get the overall picture within minutes – using a drop of blood and WBC DIFF. It can assist you to differ between viral or bacterial infections and give you the information needed to take correct decisions on treatment options. HemoCue WBC DIFF provides an optimal workflow in a point-of-care setting and correct answers straight away. You get the results you need with your patient still in the examination room. 

Get lab-accurate results when you need them – Now & Here

The system gives you the unique benefit of a white blood cell count with a 5-part differential and lab-accurate results within minutes. With the system as a complement in your lab or as a POC in your office, it minimizes administration time associated with sending samples to the lab as well as time spent waiting for the results. Get the lab-accurate results you need and move from assessment to treatment within minutes instead of hours or days. 

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