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Emergency Care

Optimized patient flow with immediate point-of-care testing results. Patients can be referred to the right care faster, improving efficacy for both patients and emergency staff.

Emergency Departments typically have a high flow of patients and time is often critical to avoid congestion and long waiting times. In a crowded emergency department there may be patients with conditions that are a less acute than others, but it isn’t always easy to tell the difference. In the end, it is the experienced emergency staff's responsibility to determine which patients need immediate help.

A position of trust

Emergency department can be very busy and laboratory tests are usually not readily available. In order to reduce patient anxiety and achieve reduction in waiting times every step from admission to discharge should be optimized.  If reliable test results can be obtained immediately at the point of care, a lot is gained - there will be no need to make clinical decisions without the benefit of accurate test data, and the patient can be referred further.

Solutions at hand

HemoCue point-of-care testing (POCT) systems are available to test glucose, hemoglobin and white blood cells counts. HemoCue systems give immediate results with laboratory quality. With these systems at hand, you can monitor glycemic status, make transfusion decisions and make well informed decisions about antibiotics.

  • Determination of glycemic status 
  • Detection of anemia and internal bleeding 
  • Indication of general infections

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