WinterFunRun 2018

We are proud sponsors of WinterFunRun, which is a running event through our beautiful city of Ängelholm. Neon, glowsticks, music, "Superheroes" and Ängelholm citizens in great party mood - these were some of the components that made the event such a success. The event gathered more than 400 runners and we had several employees participating. 

febrero 7, 2018

On the evening of February 1, more than 400 runners joined the first competition of the WinterFunRun event. Starting first were the Superheroes/princesses, i.e. children running 1000 meters in the cold, crispy and starlit February evening. 

Along the running course, participants could enjoy music from a live DJ, smoke effects and cheerings from the audience. 

We had several employees participating and here are some of the images from the event. 

Winterfunrun with HemoCue flags and participants image

Winterfunrun - glowing team image

Witnerfunrun with happy female participant

Winterfunrun with glowing female participant

Winterfunrun Glowing Family image

Winterfunrun with HemoCue participant

Winterfunrun winner or participant from HemoCue

Winterfunrun and happy HemoCue participant

Winterfunrun with HemoCue and party feeling among participants

Check out more images on the official Facebook page for WinterFunRun here

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