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In this section we will feature a HemoCue Hero of the Month. With their regular blood donations these heroes are saving lives. We thank our heroes for their true gift of life!

Every blood donation has the potential to save a life. That's clearly a good reason to donate. By donating blood you are a true hero saving lives. During World Blood Donor Day we gathered some of the regular blood donors working at HemoCue. We were curious to know more about our fellow "hero" colleagues. How long have they been blood donors, why did they decide to to donate and what are their thoughts on blood donation in general? 





Martin Neumann Ny version

“I have been a blood donor since 2004 or 2005, which is close to 15 years! In the beginning, we drove to the blood bank to donate, but now it is so much easier with the blood bus coming to HemoCue every third month. The nurses working in the blood bus know me by now, and I always feel welcome when I visit the blood bus for donation. 

With a health system in Sweden allowing and facilitating blood donation – we should do what we can to contribute with supplying blood - whenever we can! I am also registered as a stem cell donor in the Tobias Registry. When a relative of mine got leukemia a couple of years ago, I felt that we blood donors made a difference in his life.

Donating blood is the most precious gift you can give another person – it is a gift of life!”

/Martin Neumann

“I believe I became a blood donor about 3 years ago, when I joined a friend who is a regular blood donor. It’s a wonderful feeling, when I get the text message telling me that my blood has been used. I feel that I have made a real difference for someone. When my father was very ill, he needed blood transfusion. Afterwards, he was truly grateful, because without the blood transfusion he wouldn’t have survived.

It’s so simple and it means so much. You spend 15 minutes, share 0.5 l and save several lives. You make a huge difference for someone with just a little effort. Being a blood donor also gives you a mini check-up – you have your hemoglobin values as well as blood pressure closely monitored.”

/Gunilla Tyrling

Cecilia Ny version

“I have been a blood donor for 5 years now and I really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment knowing you are helping to save lives. HemoCue has really made it easier for us blood donors. With the blood bus coming to HemoCue every third month, the whole blood donation process is so much faster and easier.

It is a life-saving act that can be a lifeline in an emergency or necessary for people who need long-term treatments. I knew that blood can save lives, but it was not until my father needed blood that I really felt what it means for a patient. If you can give blood, give. It is a gift of life!” 

/Cecilia Derwik 

Emir Ny version

”I wanted to help people in need and by donating blood I believe that I can save lives.


One donation can potentially save up to 3 lives. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that it makes a difference.


I have been a blood donor for 3 or 4 years now and I hope to continue for many years.”


/Emir Dzaferagic

“I started my blood donor career at the early age of 18, so I have been a blood donor for 45 years now. It all began when I lived in Denmark and our school had a blood donor drive. Students lined up for donation and the nurses used the desks (and not comfortable chairs) during the donation process.

When my mother underwent surgery, I knew that I would continue as a blood donor. Realizing that she would not have survived without blood transfusion was a game-changer.

I am a blood donor because I can. Not everyone can donate, but I can and I will continue as long as possible.”

/Helle Axeldahl

Christina Ny version

“I have been a blood donor for 30 years now and it is a rewarding feeling to help save lives.

It also gives me a “mini health check-up” of hemoglobin (Hb) values and blood pressure.

I am happy that I can contribute and help save lives.”

/Christina Jonéus

Henrik Ny version

“I decided to become a regular blood donor for two reasons. Firstly, to contribute and help save lives and secondly to monitor my hemoglobin (Hb) values on a regular basis as a health check-up. You could say I am doing a good deed at the same time as I track my own health.

I have experienced first-hand how much just a tiny amount of blood can help save a life. It is rewarding knowing that my blood donation can help patients of all ages, accident victims or patients undergoing surgery or fighting cancer.

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes and you have contributed saving several lives. How rewarding isn’t that?”

/Henrik Pommer

Tomas Ny version

“I have been a blood donor for 3 years now and it still feels great to help save lives! The text messages we get when our blood has been used, reminds me of the constant need out there.

I am happy to help and to save lives with only a minimum of effort.

If you can donate – take the opportunity to save lives!” 

/Tomas Jonasson Bjäräng

“I have been a blood donor since 2015. It only takes 15 minutes of my time and it is really well-invested time! 

You feel that you make a difference for someone. Considering that each unit of blood can save up to three lives, you’ve done a good deed that day. Especially when you get the text message with information that your blood has been used. It’s such a nice feeling!

If you’re thinking about becoming a blood donor – Take the decision to make a difference! Register as a blood donor today!” 

/Magdalena Johnsson 

“I became a blood donor 25 years ago. Being a blood donor and helping save lives, feels great. 

Blood donors are always needed. The need for blood is constant and it is used not only for emergencies, but also for long-term treatments. Despite the constant need for donated blood, only a fraction of those eligible to donate actually does so.  

For me, it’s all about “If you can donate, you should donate”. The feeling when you get the text message that your blood has been used for someone in need, is truly rewarding.”

/Stina Nilsson

HemoCue Blood Donor App

With the "HemoCue My Blood Donor App" for iOS you can track, trend and monitor your blood donations as well as hemoglobin value.

The Blood Donor App also provides valuable information regarding Hemoglobin measurements, recommended values and much more. 

And of course set up a reminder for your next appointment - since the gift of blood is the gift of life.

For free download please click on the App Icon or visit AppStore

Accurate Hb testing prior to blood collection is a necessary quality control that protects both donor and recipient. 

Choosing a fast, accurate and reliable method for predonation hemoglobin testing of donors is crucial for the results and donor safety. 


In this White Paper different methods for accurate Hb testing are discussed as well as the challenges blood banks face with meeting the need for blood while protecting the donors. 


The White Paper is available to download here. 

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