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From Microcuvette to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Did you know that we now not only deliver products to army field hospitals, but we’ve also contributed with ideas and material for personal protection equipment (PPE)? Below is an example of brilliant ideas and teamwork that matters. 

April 7, 2020

Reading about heartwarming initiatives like baking buns for healthcare professionals, delivering food to elderly living alone or companies and individuals joining forces to produce personal protection equipment (PPE) certainly helps us to keep spirits high and a positive mindset these days. 

One of these initiatives is happening right here at HemoCue – with material from HemoCue and a brilliant idea from one of our employees, Aurélie Herlevsson.

From Microcuvette to PPE:s

Going from obsolete material bound for destruction to raw material in serious demand for production. Scrapped pallets of plastic film originally used within HemoCue microcuvette production is now used as the main component in 3D printed PPE:s – head visors for Coronavirus protection. How did this happen?

It started with Aurélie Herlevsson, whom provided a few students at Halmstad University with plastic film for their 3D printing of PPEs.  The initiative has now grown from a few students at Halmstad University to also encompass individuals living in Ängelholm with 3D printers at home. The plan is to produce 1000 head visors for healthcare professionals working within Ängelholm city.

HemoCue contribution in COVID-19 fight PPEs produced with raw material from HemoCue

HemoCue raw material in PPEs produced

Working together really matters

Do you have a 3D printer and want to join the production team? In the Facebook group “Ängelholms crowdprojekt 3D printade ansiktsvisir för coronaskydd” you will find information and templates for printing.

Read more about this great initiative in the news (Swedish only) here.

Thank you for great ideas and lovely teamwork! 

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