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Meet Susanne Blohmé, clinical laboratory scientist at the primary care center in Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden.

Why choose the HemoCue® WBC DIFF System?

The primary care center in Bräkne- Hoby has used the HemoCue WBC DIFF since spring 2011. At first they made thorough comparison between the system and the
hematology instrument at the laboratory in Karlskrona. “The comparison showed that the results from the HemoCue WBC DIFF system correspond well to the results from the larger hematology instrument”, Susanne Blohmé says.

When is the HemoCue®  WBC DIFF System used?

The primary care center in Bräkne- Hoby uses the HemoCue WBC DIFF system every day. The physicians order the test and the clinical laboratory scientist or an assistant nurse perform the analysis. “A differential count is helpful in the diagnosis or exclusion of an infection. In some cases, e.g. when a patient is suffering from stress, high WBC count can be presented without any infection. With the HemoCue WBC DIFF system we can tell the difference”, Susanne Blohmé says.

What are the benefits from  using the HemoCue®  WBC DIFF System?

Quick results enable good service towards the patients, saving time for caregiver and patient. The price per test is only 1/3 of the cost for hospital laboratory testing.

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