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Our Microcuvette Technology

The Microcuvette - a simple yet remarkable innovation

Microcuvette Application

When the tip of a microcuvette touches a drop of sample, it automatically draws the precise amount needed into a tiny mixing cavity. This cavity, dimensioned within thousands of a millimeter, contains dried reagent that dissolves when the liquid reaches it. The microcuvette is then placed in a photometric analyzer, which quickly returns an accurate measurement value.

Microcuvettes for various categories and applications

Working with microcuvettes, dried reagents and photometry, it is possible to analyze not just hemoglobin, but almost any substance in a liquid medium. Today we produce microcuvettes for hemoglobin, glucose and urine albumin analysis, and even microcuvettes for specific applications within those categories. More microcuvettes are on the way, as we use our knowledge of advanced chemistry to develop methods for other important analytes. In addition, we are taking microcuvette technology in all new directions. Using the same type of microcuvette with dry reagent but using a new technology, a photo microscope, we now can count and recognize different types of cells and particles.

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