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HemoCue 35th Anniversary

Today we are celebrating HemoCue 35th anniversary. We prepared some activities both locally in Ängelholm and for our subsidiaries globally. Here are some of the activities and images from the festivities.

October 26, 2017

How did everything start? When did we introduce the first product? What has happened during these 35 years? HemoCue history was presented in the corridor outside the canteen. Employees could take a 35-meter long walk along memory lane. For some it was a pleasant refreshment of old memories and for others it was a great introduction to the HemoCue history.

Have you seen the first product that we launched? Are you aware of all our products and their areas of application? We had HemoCue products on display and we could listen to a very knowledgable lecturer with long experience working within HemoCue.  

Do you know who joined HemoCue and when? We have employees with more than 30 years within the company. Checking the photo albums to spot a fellow co-worker or to actually see some of the images from past years was a great success too! The photo albums were thoroughly studied during the day. 

product display

Celebrating must include some cake and sweets. We were fortunate with the weather and could use our patio for barbeque. Of course, we finished with a tasty cake. 

Barbeque on patio 35 year anniversary 

35 year cake

More pictures and material will soon be published. 

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